Can't Remember Shit Journal

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Are you forever forgetting birthdays, passwords, the name of the eatery you liked so much on vacation, where you stashed the gold necklace, etc., etc.? Join the club -- the growing ranks of those of us who can't remember sh*t.

But take heart! Here's a little reminder book that will help you keep track of everything you need to know but forgot to remember. Organized by tabbed categories, it includes:

  • A Perpetual Calendar to note dates to remember.

  • A section for Internet Passwords.

  • On Loan, to help you remember things lent or borrowed.

  • Entertaining, in which you can record gifts given and received and notes about social occasions (menus, guests, what you wore, etc.).

  • Travel, with packing lists, places for notes about your trip, and more.

  • A Home section, in which you can note ''What to Do When'' and repair and maintenance information.

  • Health, in which to note health histories, allergies, bloodtypes, and more.

  • Extra tips and checklists to help you stay organized.

  • The elastic band attached to back cover keeps your place or keeps your organizer closed.

  • Sturdy hardcover volume measures 6-1/4'' wide x 8-1/4'' high.

  • 144 pages.

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