Bending the Binary - Polarity Magic in a Nonbinary World

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Break magical polarity free from outmoded ideas of gender and heteronormativity while still celebrating polar energy. This illuminating book explores polarity from many angles, examining how the idea has evolved throughout history, why it's important in the occult, and what its relationship is to gender and sexual orientation. Deborah Lipp shows you what it means to both include polarity magic and be inclusive.

Bending the Binary takes a deep look at how to add a third perspective to polar concepts in magic, including day and night, male and female, self and other, force and form. Deborah shares rituals, journal prompts, and detailed research to support each topic. She also teaches you how to incorporate binary-bending practices into your personal magical system. This groundbreaking book encourages everyone to expand their perceptions and strengthen their magic.

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