Beamer Wax Melts

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Wax melts provide all the positives of candles without an open flame or smoke. These Beamer Candle Co. wax melts come in a pack of 6, featuring fresh, vibrant scents. Made from ultra-premium soy blended in artisanal small batches to ensure the most even scent distribution throughout the melt wax. Enjoy approximately 6 hours of burn time per 2.4 oz melt, and fill your home with invigorating and relaxing odours.

Wax Melt Features:

  • Soy Blended Wax
  • No Flame or Smoke
  • 36 Hour Burn Time per Pack (6 Melts)
  • Aromatic Home Series Wax Melts by Beamer Candle Co.
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