Bath Bombs by Soco Soaps

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Ah the bath bomb. To soak and watch the magic, as the bomb does its sweet dance releasing a gentle aroma, with the skin loving benefits of Epsom salts and moisturizing sweet almond oil.  Bliss.

Scents Available:

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Tart blackberry, raspberry, with a subtle sweetness of vanilla.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Sweet and sugary, with a hint of jasmine and musk, with a shimmery cocoa butter centre.  

Coconut Cream - Who doesn't love the sweet smell of coconut?

Cotton Candy - Reminiscent of warm summer nights at the fairgrounds.

Eucalyptus Mint - Relaxing and rejuvenating, a perfect combination.

Eye of the Storm - Tucked away, hidden inside each bath bomb, is a special gemstone. Will you get Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz or Citrine? Find out, while enjoying a luxurious soak with our deluxe bombs. 

Gold Digger - Sandalwood + Amber.

Lavender Dream - Like walking through a fresh lavender field.

Lemon Drop - Fresh lemon for a revitalizing soak.

Orange Kiss - Sweet notes of citrus.

Star Bright - Scented in Green Apple, this Bomb is a star! It looks so beautiful and simple, with a tiny smattering of (biodegradable) sparkle, but immerse in the water and you’ll find a it is actually a shooting stat of colours! Don’t forget to make a wish! ⭐️

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