Scary Moon Ashtray

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A wicked moon hangs in the black sky, gazing out with a skeletal grin. The Skeleton Moon Ashtray brings dark fantasy style to any home.

This round, black ashtray features an imposing, bone-white moon within its bowl. The man-in-the-moon shows a skeletal face in profile. Divots throughout its crescent shape are in caricature of the craters on the moon. This evil moon sits bold on the black background of the gothic ashtray.

Then, the sides of the cold cast resin ashtray feature rounded cut-outs for pre-rolls. Beneath those, its exterior walls have whimsical star and moon designs in a bright metallic yellow. This helps balance out the gothic moon with playful magical style.

Scary Moon Ashtray Features:

  • Size: 4"
  • Hand Painted
  • Cold Cast Resin
  • Intricately Crescent Moon Design
  • Round Cut-Outs for Holding Pre-Rolls
  • Gold Stars & Moons
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