Anomaly Colfax Dugout

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For the cannabis connoisseur looking to class it up, look no further than the Colfax Dugout by Anomaly. The Colorado-based company is redefining cannabis culture with an innovative line of classic smoking products, thoughtfully designed with a modern twist.

The Colfax stands out as a luxury version of the traditional dugout and is perfect for the refined smoker on-the-go. Its sleek design is crafted for quality and is built to last. The all-natural "710" finish comes in rich, dark walnut or a dense, light-coloured hard maple wood. This pocket-sized beauty can hold up to two grams of ground herb, and the glass bat packs a punch!

If everything is kept clean on the inside, the end-user should experience very little odor when the lid is shut, thanks to the smart-locking top and strong magnets to snap it tight.

Anomaly Colfax Dugout Features:

  • Dugout Size: 3.25" Tall x 1.9" Wide x .85" Thick
  • Pipe Size: .5" Diameter x 3" Long
  • Capacity: Holds up to 2 Grams Herb
  • Handrafted in the USA
  • Sophisticated Sleek Design
  • High Quality Build
  • Walnut or Maple Finish
  • Glass Pipe Available in Black, Clear, or White
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