Agate Geode Slice Pendant - Angel Aura

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The organic shapes and unique textures of natural agate geode pendants from Brazil are versatile and eye catching jewellery pieces. Each pendant is enhanced with an angel aura treatment which is produced by a laser treatment to produce a metallic sheen on the surface of the mineral.

Agate is also known as chalcedony quartz and often displays concentric rings. It is used to harmonize Yin and Yang, help build self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body/mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone and also helps the body's connection to the earth. It is considered a good luck stone and enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

No two pieces are alike. Each one will slightly vary in size and shape. Please contact the store directly for specimens we have in stock.

Pendant only, if you would like a black cord added to wear as a necklace, please add a note in the comments when ordering.

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