21 Days to Become a Money Magnet - Attract Wealth, Find Abundance, and Take Control of Your Finances

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Do you wish you could transform your finances and break negative patterns? We all want abundance and security in life, but it can sometimes feel impossible. Discover the first step to financial freedom with this step-by-step guide from transformational coach Marie-Claire Carlyle. Over 21 days, you will discover:

  • How to start attracting more money into your life immediately with principles from the Law of Attraction
  • Exercises to help you change your negative money beliefs into positive statements How to create your own "I Attract Money" list and affirmations for becoming a Money Magnet
  • How to break the pattern of negative thinking to make room for attracting wealth

This is your key to finding abundance. Use the practical advice, guidance, and inspirational tips to start attracting money today!

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