3 Tone Violet Contact Lenses

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Loox Cosmetic Contact Lenses are US FDA cleared and are a Class II Medical Device in Canada. They are made to a high quality standard, and are very comfortable to wear. Loox cosmetic contact lenses are for cosmetic use only.
Contact lenses
The lenses are only intended for occasional use. Check with your specialist before wearing them every day for a long time. Your specialist will recommend an appropriate program for you. We suggest that you only wear the lenses for four hours on the first day, then increase the wearing by two hours per day until you reach the optimal length. If you haven't worn the lenses for several days, follow the wearing recommendations as if you were wearing them for the first time. Always rinse the lenses before fitting and after removal with a suitable multi-purpose solution for soft lenses. Each time you have worn them, change the multifunction solution for soft lenses to store your lenses, making sure you do not damage them or making sure they do not get caught in the case. If you wear them infrequently, remember to replace the solution regularly and clean the case daily.
The number of days of use of the lenses is limited (see box). They should be replaced after this time once opened, regardless of the number of times they have been worn.
DO NOT wear lenses if damaged. DO NOT share lentils with anyone else. DO NOT allow hairspray or any cosmetic spray to come in contact with the lenses. DO NOT do water sports with the lenses on. DO NOT wear the lenses while using eye medication. DO NOT clean or wet the accessories or case with water, saliva, or any household cleaning product. ALWAYS remove lenses before removing makeup. ALWAYS replace accessories if eyes become red or irritated, or if discomfort or pain occurs, then seek specialist advice.
Important information
Please note that the lenses are not intended to correct visual defects and are only intended to change the color of the eyes. If the following problems affect you, you MUST NOT wear the accessories: Corneal dystrophy, corneal ulcer, corneal inflammation, eg. keratitis, inflammation of the eye, eg. iritis, uveitis, eye allergies, any pre-existing eye problem. If in doubt, please seek advice from a specialist or doctor.
The lenses are suitable for healthy and normal eyes. If in doubt about your situation, consult a specialist or doctor.
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