Hamsa Smart Stash Jar

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The SmartStash Jar isn’t just a jar, it’s the stoner’s ultimate tool. With a built-in grinder, a funnel, a humidifier, and tons of space for your favourite flower, this jar guarantees your ganja has a great time. The top of the SmartStash lid features our patented magnetic grinder card plate, which allows you to grate your weed directly into the wooden basin below. You can then use the opening to funnel the weed directly into your favourite bowl, pipe, or rolling paper, guaranteeing an easy transition into your next session. Underneath the lid is a humidity pack compartment, which is secured by a magnetic metal plate. Activate the included humidity packet by opening the packaging, and avoid the risk of dry, brittle weed hashing your mellow. Pop your leftover nugs into the spacious storage compartment and sink into reefer gladness.

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