Exxus Snap Concentrate Vape Cartridge

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Our goal in bringing you the Exxus Snap was to deliver a device that is convenient and easy to manage. The magnetic connector on this cartomizer helps to serve that purpose. All you need to do is just slip the cartomizer into the chassis and it will snap into place. There will be no mess thanks to 360 degrees leak-proof technology.

The Exxus Snap Glass Cartridge with Ceramic Coil by Exxus Vape does a superior job of heating oils to produce vapor. The 1.6-ohm ceramic coil is exceptional at retaining heat for longer periods of time and spreading it over a greater surface area. That means more vapour for you and more intense flavour on every draw. Depending on how often you vape, we expect that you will need to replace your coils every two-three weeks.

If you haven't tried the Exxus Snap by Exxus Vape, you're missing out on one of the best Exxus Vape vaporizers we've ever offered. It has a very compact profile that makes it a perfect stealth device. You can carry this portable rig easily in a pocket or bag. You'll also love that we eliminated threading so you can attach the atomizer with a simple snap. Everything about this unit is designed to simplify the vaping process, and it can be used by a beginner with ease.

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