Cute Fruit Terp Beads by Pulsar (Sold Individually)

Article number: PU SA3031
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These Pulsar banger insert beads feature assorted fruit designs from bananas and strawberries to pineapples and oranges. These 7-9mm terp pearls have a height of 12-14mm and are made to improve the vaporization of concentrates. To use, simply drop 1 or 2 terp pearls into a banger before heating it up. As you heat the banger and your concentrates, the beads will heat too and can be rolled to maximize each draw. 

Fruit Terp Beads Features:

  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Size: 7-9mm Diameter
  • Cute fruit design
  • Glass material
  • Perfect for Terp Slurp Bangers (Not Included)
  • Assorted Colours (Colours Vary)
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