16" Sweet Nectar Stackable Glycerin Beaker by Pulsar

Article number: PUL-GBK-647
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Introducing the Pulsar Sweet Nectar Stackable Glycerin Beaker Water Pipe, a masterpiece of design and functionality. This water pipe stands 16 inches (13.75cm) tall, featuring a stunning amber honey hue and a segmented body that makes it easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning. The exterior is decorated with a captivating honeycomb and bee design, adding a touch of nature to your smoking experience. At its core, the pipe boasts a cone-shaped percolator at the base, separate from the removable neck piece, ensuring a smooth and filtered smoke flow. The neck piece is equipped with a glycerin-filled diffuser and a spiral airpath, promising ultra-cool hits. For an even cooler experience, the neck piece can be chilled in the freezer before use. It comes complete with a matching 14mm male herb slide, enhancing the versatility and convenience of your smoking session.

Features & Benefits:

  • 16 Inches Tall:** Offers a substantial height for a comfortable grip and aesthetics.
  • Pulsar Stackable Water Pipe:** Easy to clean and maintain due to its segmented design.
  • Sweet Nectar Design:** Aesthetically pleasing with a honeycomb and bee motif.
  • Cone Percolator:** Ensures smooth and filtered smoke flow.
  • Glycerin Spiral Diffuser:** Provides ultra-cool hits with the option to freeze the glycerin for enhanced cooling.
  • Removable Neck Filled with Freezable Glycerin:** Allows for customization of the smoking temperature.
  • Beaker Style Build:** Stable and easy to fill with water for optimal cooling.
  • 14mm Female Joint Connection:** Compatible with a wide range of attachments.
  • Includes Matching 14mm Male Herb Slide w/ Handle:** Adds convenience and control to your smoking experience.

The Pulsar Sweet Nectar Stackable Glycerin Beaker Water Pipe is more than just a smoking accessory; it's a statement of sophistication and a commitment to enhancing your smoking experience. Whether you're a connoisseur seeking the ultimate smoking device or a retailer looking to offer a premium product, this water pipe promises to deliver on both fronts. Remember, this product is intended for legal use only and is not suitable for tobacco.

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